preggo outfit again!

I promise you: I actually am wearing cute outfits pretty much every day, but by the time I get home a night it's either too dark to take a picture, or I'm so tired there's no way I'm going to try to look presentable. So here you go: my tummy at 21.5 weeks.
The dress is vintage, and it's a heavy wool knit, so it's stretchy. Love! And then just normal tights, shoes, and the skinny belt is on loan by my sister for the duration. I love how it actually makes my outfit look finished instead of random pieces thrown together. Also, please note that from the front I still just look like a fat girl. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE.


fleur_delicious said…
yeah, looks like you're just going to carry it all forwards! I have some friends who do that; the hips never widen, it's hilarious as all get-out by the last month, with these narrow hips and this huge forward bulge.

dress is adorable, as is your baby bump! lookin' good!

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