things no one prepared me for about being pregnant

I have lots of friends who have kids, I have an older sister who has kids, I have plenty of people I can ask questions. But there are some things I never *thought* to ask, and things I knew with my head that, in practice, still surprise me. (Look away if you're disturbing by reading about slightly disturbing things.)
  • The boobs. They are huge. This is so bizarre.
  • Pregnant women don't wear maternity pants because they are too big for normal clothes: it's because regular pants HURT LIKE THE DICKENS.
  • Along the same lines: whoever said Braxton Hicks are painless LIED. It's like all the menstrual cramps you haven't had for five months are catching up. And I know real contractions are much MUCH worse. Why do I think I can do a natural birth? I'm crazy.
  • The tiredness of the first trimester, while ridiculous, does go away. But I still get tired much faster than I used to. Makes me glad my wedding season was short this year...
  • Heartburn is WEIRD. I'd never had it before in my entire life, so I wasn't even sure what I was feeling.
  • On a happier note: little baby kicks are pretty awesome. I think they feel like bubbles bursting in my tummy.
That's it. Be warned, girls.


carla said…
Oh! That brings back memories that I try to forget!

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