getting organized

I saw this idea somewhere, and I thought it was the best idea ever. Now I understand that some of you keep very clean desktops. I try but if it's not on the desktop I tend to forget about it. So I'm getting it organized! (Yes, I have that many hard drives. I have externals for backup and they're partitioned and such.) 
Anyway, if you want the PSD to turn it into your own special one, just shoot me an email: laura AT lauradye DOT com.


Sunday funday

Brunch with friends? Yes please. Hooray for shrimp and grits!


wednesday wonderfulness, the "I really meant to post this last night but I forgot" edition

You know how it goes: the Munchkin accidentally falls asleep on your lap, so you start watching upstairs/downstairs so make SURE he's asleep, and before you know it, you're zoned out on the couch, drooling, with a blanket of pugs.
Oh, wait. You don't do that? Then I'm just kidding.
Anyway. I've rounded up some stuff that actually reaches back quite a while, and no, I'm still not caught up on my feeds, so this could take a while. In the meantime, enjoy!


so my "look" has changed a little

I have to admit: I thought I would be one of those whose style doesn't change post-baby. I just had to wait until I could fit into pre-preggo jeans, right? And after all, I wore stillettos right up until the baby was born. Being pregnant is the hard part, right????

Excuse me while I wipe tears of laughter from my eyes.

See, I forgot to factor in The Breastfeeding. Fun fact: dressing the pregnant bump is WAY WAY easier than dressing a pair of abnormally large boobs that have to be accessible at any moment. (No, I am not into the whole "hiding in the bathroom to feed my child" thing. Nor do I own a 'hooter hider,' breast-feeding cape, or any of that nonsense.) So cute vintage dresses? Out. Artfully layered and belted outfits? Gone.

And then there's the whole "wrangling 20 pounds of wiggly baby-ness" thing. Long, layered necklaces? Those get yanked on. Stacks of colorful enamel bangles? They wake him up when I'm trying to transfer him from car seat to crib. Long earrings are an accident waiting to happen.

Instead, I find myself constantly reaching for my skinny jeans and brighly colored sweaters. So if I had an unlimited budget, this is what I'd buy this fall. As it is? You can bet I'll be scouring the Goodwill for pieces like these.

not a single mom jean


what I'm listening to this week

What? You're shocked that I'm back? So am I, frankly. But life just got majorly simplified (yay!) so hopefully I'll be popping in now and then. For now, however, feast your ears on some loveliness. You must watch this, even if you don't watch anything else: If I spend thousands of dollars on violin lessons and my child plays like that, I'll be satisfied.