so my "look" has changed a little

I have to admit: I thought I would be one of those whose style doesn't change post-baby. I just had to wait until I could fit into pre-preggo jeans, right? And after all, I wore stillettos right up until the baby was born. Being pregnant is the hard part, right????

Excuse me while I wipe tears of laughter from my eyes.

See, I forgot to factor in The Breastfeeding. Fun fact: dressing the pregnant bump is WAY WAY easier than dressing a pair of abnormally large boobs that have to be accessible at any moment. (No, I am not into the whole "hiding in the bathroom to feed my child" thing. Nor do I own a 'hooter hider,' breast-feeding cape, or any of that nonsense.) So cute vintage dresses? Out. Artfully layered and belted outfits? Gone.

And then there's the whole "wrangling 20 pounds of wiggly baby-ness" thing. Long, layered necklaces? Those get yanked on. Stacks of colorful enamel bangles? They wake him up when I'm trying to transfer him from car seat to crib. Long earrings are an accident waiting to happen.

Instead, I find myself constantly reaching for my skinny jeans and brighly colored sweaters. So if I had an unlimited budget, this is what I'd buy this fall. As it is? You can bet I'll be scouring the Goodwill for pieces like these.

not a single mom jean


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