wednesday wonderfulness, the "I really meant to post this last night but I forgot" edition

You know how it goes: the Munchkin accidentally falls asleep on your lap, so you start watching upstairs/downstairs so make SURE he's asleep, and before you know it, you're zoned out on the couch, drooling, with a blanket of pugs.
Oh, wait. You don't do that? Then I'm just kidding.
Anyway. I've rounded up some stuff that actually reaches back quite a while, and no, I'm still not caught up on my feeds, so this could take a while. In the meantime, enjoy!


Gabrielle said…
totally agree with the no homework post. I've actually read studies lately that say that homework does nothing for the child until high school and is just a waste of time. I know one public middle school in our area who doesn't give out homework and I've heard of other schools starting to do the same. 7 hours of school should be plenty for a child a day.

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