an embarassing confession

Lovelies, surely I'm not the only one who has one area (ok, maybe more than one) that just cannot stay clean no matter what? For me it's my desk. Every time I have an item that I just don't have a place for, it gets thrown on my desk. After a few weeks of that it's literally all I can do to type at said desk, much less actually work and edit photos. Well, today was the day I had to pull together all my tax stuff (::sarcastic yay::) so I decided to go ahead and tackle the mess. Since, you know, I had to pull it all apart anyway. Well, I'm very proud of the change, even if it did take me a full two-and-a-half hours. I'm so proud, in fact, that I even made an animated gif!

This is my version of spring cleaning, and I have to admit that sitting down to edit photos when I can actually put down my water without spilling it makes working So Much Easier.
So what's the project you've been putting off? Make it happen!


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