add it to the list

if the movie Atonement is anything like the trailer, I'll want to frame the whole entire thing and hang it on the wall. And I don't even like Keira Knightley. (I love Romola Garai, though.)


recent projects

I have a friend in town this week, so I'm not blogging too much, but I've also been doing photoshoots.
This is from last weeks:

And this is from Sunday afternoon:
not dead, but looks it

I had my first art show last night (it wasn't just me) and although I didn't sell anything, that wasn't the point: I talked to a lot of people and gave away a lot of business cards. So it's all good.


fun thing

enter a contest to design your own shoe! It's judged by professor jimmy choo.

we went thrifting

And got lots of good stuff.

Lovely shoes:
new shoes!

a sparkly vest:
sparkles are nice

And other lovely things, including a high-waisted pencil skirt. Finally! (I've been looking for one for months.) My shopping-hating sister went with me, and she also found some super-adorable pieces, including a couple of shorter skirts that look fantastic on her. We were going to have a photoshoot so you could all be envious of our good fortune, but, alas, I'm supposed to be working on my projects for the art show Monday night, so I had to attack that instead. Maybe later.


plaid is rad and makes me glad

plaid is rad and makes me glad

shirt, skirt, & belt: thrifted
hat: vintage store
shoes: sent by friend
hose: given by different friend
earrings: target

I finally got a cape!

i got a cape!
I paid entirely too much for it, but on the bright side, it DID come with a matching skirt and vest. (Don't worry, I won't wear them all at the same time.)


sneak peek of today's project

I've had this photo shoot in my head for some time, and we finally got to do it tonight. There are tons more for me to sort through, but this is a good preview. The second image was taken by le husband; he's getting veryvery good, no?



marc by marc jacobs

Ruffles! I love the idea of covering a dress in tiny ruffles.

Want. These. Pants.

Oops. This was part of the other collection. I'm liking the giant flowers.

Pattern mixing = yay! Also loving: mitered stripes on cardis.

Yummy vestiness.

I suddenly feel the need to make a plaid trench coat.


inspiration from Marc Jacobs

I know the sporty thing can be overdone, but I love the contrast between the luxe fabric and the athletic numbers.

How easy would it be to add a pop of color to any outfit with a draped bit of fabric like this?

Yum. I want to try this with a tshirt dress. (Or I would if I had the abs to wear it.)

I'm not sure what the back of this top looks like, but I love the idea of deconstructing Vineyard Vines and the like. This prim sweater looks infinitely better, and the gloves are AWESOME.

the loveliness that is Rodarte

Doesn't she look like a water maiden? I've been wanting to experiment with vertical ruffles like this; this might be the impetus I need.

I'm liking the contrast of fabrics here, and wonder if one could take it even farther: maybe a sleek, drapey knit under a crisp duck cloth jacket?

Loving the shape; isn't the full skirt fabulous?

I prefer "quirky" to weird, thankssomuch

they don't call me chicken legs because I look normal

Yesterday was spent prowling around Annapolis looking for locations for an upcoming wedding shoot. I took advantage of the cooler weather to bust out the tights and loved the craziness. (yes, I got weird comments. 'Twas awesome.) In addition, wearing tights with shorts makes me feel more confident, for some reason. I'm not as self-concious of my legs.
vintage green jacket: thrifted
white tank: thrifted
vintage aqua shorts: thrifted
yellow tights: delia's
green flats: payless
white sunglasses: wet seal
vintage flowered clutch: thrifted

ETA: thanks to the comments and favoriting going on over at Flickr, this shot has apparently made the front page of explore. I feel so honored! (And a little sad--I set up the photo, but I didn't actually take it.)


pretty little things

random inspiration from Fashion Week, part one.
Betsey Johnson:

Isn't this pink jacket too perfect? I want one to wear over skinny jeans with a long tank top underneath. I love the vintage feel of it.

This is so eighties fabulous: the ruffles, the boning, the petticoat. I love the idea of updating a dated dress with a skinny belt and fab shoes.


The layering, the colors, the patterns: it's all good. I especially adore the layered necklines.

Ralph Lauren:

This color is amazing. I'm also loving how a very "grandma" pattern looks fresh because of the neckline. And, of course, the amazing hat. This show was wicked awesome with hats.

Love. This. Look. The exaggerated lapel, the long dress with the blazer thrown on over...so perfect. Must try. Side note: the first section of this show looked like the ascot scene from "My Fair Lady" had come to life, and it was beautiful.

Bell-shaped sleeves faced with black just make me happy. Also loving the cropped gloves and bracelet-length sleeves.

Hopefully I'll have more later. What have been your favorites thus far?

All images from Style.com.

wise words

From Erin over at dress a day:
There is more to life than the bogus imperative to minimize your apparent body weight at all times....imagine the question "Does this make me look fat?" didn't exist. How would that change your life? What would you do differently?

She has me thinking now; why do we always dress to look smaller? Why do we care? Why, if something is lovely and feminine, does it matter if it makes us look five pounds heavier? I'm talking about myself here, and I really don't know why I do it.


it's hard work, this business of being a shoe enabler

You know, all the drool that gets on the monitor....aren't these lovely? I'm not even trying to convert the prices into dollars. I just fantisize happily.


I totally wore white pants after Labor Day

And paid the price for it when a cup of coffee exploded across my private area. :D


earrings: target
vintage gold jacket: thrifted
blue tunic: delias
white capris: gabriel brothers
blue sandals: gap


a very good idea

From today's Abaete show: huge flowers pinned...wherever. I especially like the idea of wearing a flower at the ankle, and may try that with some boots this winter.

more shoe envy

Suede and patent booties--I think I'm turning into a magpie. I like shiny things.

Once again with the high-heeled oxfords. What can I say? I'm obsessed. Did I mention that I found a pair while in Ohio but didn't buy them because they made my legs look like tree trunks?

They have buttons! Wouldn't these be perfect with a full-skirted vintage dress? Or a pencil skirt and slouchy sweater?

le sigh. I love shoes.

owning 14 coats means theres room in the closet for one or two more, right?

I just caught up on my reading of the fray and I learned about the awesomeness that is tulle. Addicitive, no? I'm currently scrolling through their sale items trying to resist....