wednesday wonderfulness

It's summertime, yo! I've officially busted out the ice cream maker and am once again working through my ice cream cookbook. (Check out some of the awesomeness.) Friday was coffee, raspberry swirl, and peach ice cream; that was in honor of le brother's 21st birthday. No pictures, though. Anyway, here's what's inspiring me lately. 
As I type this I have a very quiet bunny and  a very LOUD guinea pig hopping around my ankles. Surreal. I love my life. 


fashiongirl said…
Wow! I love the tiny trailer meets space ship, its very original. And very cool! (original, cool, same thing)
{lauryl} said…
i live in a 650 sq ft bungalow and i love it. small spaces are the best! ;) also, the link to the paper flowers didn't work... although i cry great big tears when anyone suggests anything other than fresh cut flowers for a wedding... ;(
VDOprincess said…
Hmm. Checked the link and it's working for me. I actually agree with you, Lauryl, on the fresh flowers thing, but I also understand when people are trying to save money. However, that is NOT AN EXCUSE for silk flowers. Those things must die. The only silk flowers that are acceptable cost as much or more than fresh, so, yeah, I'm always trying to keep my eyes peeled for people who are trying to stretch the dollar.
fashiongirl said…
To VDOprincess:

An invitation to look at this blog!

I guarantee there will be something you'll like!

Fr: fashiongirl
Molly said…
Oh, I'm thinking of all sorts of things I could do with those paper roses! So pretty!
kates~* said…
i used to leave more comments, then i started receiving your blog in my google reader feed. i hope to change my ways.

found this lovely bunch of links as inspiring as always... the angels and demons shoot sounds REALLY cool. cigarettes are a must for your "demon", and if they don't smoke cigarettes, buy them cloves.


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