in which a road trip is taken

I can't believe I haven't shared these photos already; I think I meant to? But spare moments last week were spent prepping for the photo shoot. (Which, by the way, went well.) Anyway, last sunday and monday we made a flying--and I do mean fast--visit to Ohio to pick up a lawn mower for le hubs. I went along for the ride because, well, I hadn't seen the kids since thanksgiving, so we spent 16 hours in the car for 13 with them. It was a good trip, and I took a couple of fun pictures.
I may have amused myself by torturing the dog. (Not torture, really. He was just embarrassed.)

Won't be needing THOSE for a while. The whole drive out it alternately rained and snowed, depending on which state we were currently in.

The view from my lap: dog and coffee.

Finished on the ride. EXCELLENT book, btw.
Starbucks stops are an obligatory beginning to every trip. Americanos = NOM.
Lensbaby! I love how it almost looks like I used a tiltshift here. Almost.
Aren't these trees fantastic? We couldn't stop marveling.

I know, boringness. But I have to post these somewhere or I'll forget them.


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