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When I cleared out the bookshelves a few weeks ago, in addition to getting rid of a couple of hundred books (I think), I uncovered a solid pile of books I've purchased that need to be read, but always get pushed to the bottom of the priority list because, well, there's no late fees if I don't. A couple are borrowed, but most aren't. Since most of these are a little more enriching than relaxing, it doesn't take much for me to get distracted by a new novel or suggestion. I know. I fail. But really? I'm seriously working on these.
From the top, literally.
::the girl with the dragon tattoo:: I CANNOT get into this. I know. I fail. May cave and watch the (swedish) movie so I can move on to the rest of the trilogy.
::bloodsworth:: On loan from a sister. About a guy acquitted by DNA. (I think.)
::interpreter of maladies:: By the same author as The Namesake. Which is why I picked it up.
::manic:: On loan from a different sister. A memoir of being manic-depressive.
::the reluctant fundamentalist:: I think this was one I thought I should read. Still haven't.
::reviving ophelia:: Suggested by one of my sisters.
::motherless daughters:: Have started this one, learned a lot, but it's kinda depressing to read. Really need to, though.
::7 habits of highly successful people:: I KNOW. Have never read the whole thing. Need to be more effective, hence...yeah. About that.
::the boy who harnessed the wind:: On loan from a customer at work. Excited about this one.

What's on your reading pile?


Porkchop said…
Actually, Manic and Bloodsworth are both mine. The interesting thing about the Bloodsworth book was that he was a local guy who was accused of raping and murdering a nine-year old girl in Cambridge.
fleur_delicious said…
don quixote. shopgirl. the waves (woolf). a coupla histories of Bohemia.

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