on editing

I have some professional headshots to deliver this week, so I've been using photoshop a lot. And I have two things to say.
1) People, wear sunscreen. A tan may be attractive, but it will leave damage. And no one knows just how much like your retoucher.
2) I've learned the REALLY EASY way to get rid of under-eye circles/bags/nonsense. I used to use the heal tool, but that tends to look overdone and leave a hard line. Now I use a paintbrush, dropped to about 30%, and pull the color from the lightest part of the skin around the eye. Then just brush on paint until things look smooth. Easy peasy!


Jessica said…
Dude, I've never used the heal tool for eyes. I tried dodging the area once, but decided that the clone tool set to a low opacity or, like you, the paintbrush set to a low opacicty is about a million times better!

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