in which I attempt to take dog portraits

Recently I was exposed to the 1000 pugs project, and let me just say that if she were coming ANYWHERE near me, I'd sign up my puppies in a heartbeat. As it is, today I attempted to take a few pictures of my own. OH MY WORD. I think I need to learn how to diplomatically deploy treats. Because right now? This is the best I can do. And she's adorable, but that's one out of 40 or so. Here's hoping I'm better at baby photography...
::more pug love::



bumpwatch 2012: week 33

Can't quite believe I only have seven weeks left. This weekend's project is some serious rearranging to make room for the crib. Just want the little person to arrive!


wednesday wonderfulness

Well, I've seen a *few* cool things this week.
Can't seem to focus this week...too much up in the air, yet to be done...


today I'm obsessing over

::potential nursery ideas::
::paint colors::
::crock pot recipies::

Is there big news on the horizon? Maybe.



Bernie is just ridiculously cute, that's all.

Going to be le bebe's quilt.

Meyer Lemon marmalade. Is good I think.

I made tiramisu for the first time...it turned out DELICIOUS.


wednesday wonderfulness, at long last edition

You know, because I've actually had a bit of time in front of the computer lately.
Well...that should keep you going for a bit, right?


bumpwatch 2012: week 32

OH DEAR SWEET BABY JESUS I'M HUGE. I don't know if it's just the angle at which my husband took this photo, but now I'm terribly concerned. Even though at this point I've only gained about 20 pounds.
I know, I know. I'm having a baby in eight weeks. (side note: eight weeks??!!!???? ::brain esplosion::) BUT STILL.
In other news: aren't the boots fab? Christmas gift. Should have made le husband take a closeup...


goals for 2012

I know. I'm a bit behind. You know what? I'm ok with that. Other things I'm ok with that I didn't use to be: wearing comfy pants, minimal makeup, the color purple. So, see? Progress. Ok, goals.
  • Read 50 books. Only made it to 44
  • Run a 5k with a sub-25 minute time. (post-baby!) HAHAHAHAH. I have only run once since he was born. 
  • Shoot 8 weddings. Shot 6. 
  • Attend wedding in Costa Rica. (Please note I said attend. Woo!) DONE! 
  • Do two band shoots. Did none.  
  • Re-cover all throw pillows in my house. Not done at all. 
  • Get back into pre-baby jeans. 5 days post-baby. Yay! 
  • BOOK at least two boudoir shoots. (As opposed to doing for free.) Not one. 
  • Get back on twitter. Done! 
  • Take off one day per week. Got closer to doing this. 
  • Make homemade jam. Did it! 
  • Send Christmas cards. Did it! 
You know what? That's it. Right now there are so many variables in my life I can't even plan goals accordingly, but I'm ok with that. I'm learning to get better with uncertainty, I think.

For reference, here are previous goal lists:

Ciao for now. Dream big this year, people.


this is a fairly typical scene

Big brother on the couch, chewing his bone, little sister sitting below, plotting on how to steal it.


because it's Friday

This is the song that I have on repeat right now; it makes me happy like none other. I can't help singing along as loud as I can. And on a Friday morning? I need that.


::pug love::


Oh, right. Did I forget to mention the part where we got a pug puppy? Because, you know, we don't have enough to do. Actually, her name is Bernadette and we love her to pieces. Snorty has come around, and is teaching what it means to be a good pug.


wrap up for 2011

Wow. Since I've started blogging my yearly goals I don't think I've had this low of a success rate. I didn't take off one day a week; instead I added another job. Didn't walk a three-day (signed up, but didn't have time to do the fundraising), didn't lead help-portrait (started planning, but didn't have time and had to step aside), didn't cook dinner once a week. Wow, you guys. I guess priority number one for 2012 is just to manage my time better. I guess technically I developed a schedule, in that I now wake up at 4:00 5 mornings a week. On the flip side, I did a bunch of stuff this year that I'm really proud of that wasn't on the list.
  • ran a 5k. Time sucked, but I ran it. :D
  • shot 12 weddings, including second shooting a couple with some amazing photographers.
  • did a bunch of family sessions. Decided that's NOT where I want to build my business.
  • helped to plan the "big" family reunion. (150 people!)
  • learned to say no.
  • was in the best shape of my life before I discovered I was pregnant in July. (July 6, to be precise.)
  • started working at a newspaper doing design and layout.
  • got another pug.
My goals post should be here soon; I'm still pondering. And yes, I do want to get back to blogging here now that my schedule has slowed down a little. (For a bit!)