goals for 2012

I know. I'm a bit behind. You know what? I'm ok with that. Other things I'm ok with that I didn't use to be: wearing comfy pants, minimal makeup, the color purple. So, see? Progress. Ok, goals.
  • Read 50 books. Only made it to 44
  • Run a 5k with a sub-25 minute time. (post-baby!) HAHAHAHAH. I have only run once since he was born. 
  • Shoot 8 weddings. Shot 6. 
  • Attend wedding in Costa Rica. (Please note I said attend. Woo!) DONE! 
  • Do two band shoots. Did none.  
  • Re-cover all throw pillows in my house. Not done at all. 
  • Get back into pre-baby jeans. 5 days post-baby. Yay! 
  • BOOK at least two boudoir shoots. (As opposed to doing for free.) Not one. 
  • Get back on twitter. Done! 
  • Take off one day per week. Got closer to doing this. 
  • Make homemade jam. Did it! 
  • Send Christmas cards. Did it! 
You know what? That's it. Right now there are so many variables in my life I can't even plan goals accordingly, but I'm ok with that. I'm learning to get better with uncertainty, I think.

For reference, here are previous goal lists:

Ciao for now. Dream big this year, people.


Rebekah said…
I really like no. 4!

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