wrap up for 2011

Wow. Since I've started blogging my yearly goals I don't think I've had this low of a success rate. I didn't take off one day a week; instead I added another job. Didn't walk a three-day (signed up, but didn't have time to do the fundraising), didn't lead help-portrait (started planning, but didn't have time and had to step aside), didn't cook dinner once a week. Wow, you guys. I guess priority number one for 2012 is just to manage my time better. I guess technically I developed a schedule, in that I now wake up at 4:00 5 mornings a week. On the flip side, I did a bunch of stuff this year that I'm really proud of that wasn't on the list.
  • ran a 5k. Time sucked, but I ran it. :D
  • shot 12 weddings, including second shooting a couple with some amazing photographers.
  • did a bunch of family sessions. Decided that's NOT where I want to build my business.
  • helped to plan the "big" family reunion. (150 people!)
  • learned to say no.
  • was in the best shape of my life before I discovered I was pregnant in July. (July 6, to be precise.)
  • started working at a newspaper doing design and layout.
  • got another pug.
My goals post should be here soon; I'm still pondering. And yes, I do want to get back to blogging here now that my schedule has slowed down a little. (For a bit!)


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