10 instagram accounts you should definitely be following

No really. You should.

  1. Bythebrush: She's a painter, and you can see it in her photos. 
  2. BarkleytheBulldog: He doesn't update often, but OH THE CUTENESS. 
  3. BonnieBiess: Photographer, body piercer. You know. The usual. 
  4. Lostsock: Her snaps of everyday life ALMOST make me want to live in canada. Almost. 
  5. Nanoushoes: pretty pretty shoes. That is all. 
  6. Home_sweets: Will make you hungry, I promise. 
  7. Designerex81: a graphic designer who is constantly #chasinglight. 
  8. Darcytheflyinghedgehog: It's a hedgehog. Adorable. 
  9. Vanachupp: An amazing mom and small business owner. 
  10. Picturemefoto: Another mom, this one to two of the cutest little girls who she dresses like elves. 
There you go. Your monday just got 72% better. (For the record, I'm on there too. But mostly I just post pictures of my child.) 


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