mom style when you're no longer nursing

I've been hating my summer wardrobe for no good reason, and Sunday morning I decided that I HAD to own more than was in my closet. I went and rummaged in the garage and sure enough there was a whole tub of summer stuff I'd packed away last year because it wasn't nursing friendly. (Have I told you how I feel about dressing for breastfeeding? Suffice it to say: it's MUCH HARDER than dressing a pregnant belly. Not only do you need to cover things, you also have to be able to access them without showing all of the skin.)

Anyway, this dress is one of my favorites, and not only because the length means I can get away with unshaven legs. ;)
Dress, Calvin Klein, thrifted
Cardigan, Gap, handmedown from sister
Shoes (shown here), Target
Necklace, Target
Arm candy is a mixture of Target, JCrew, Forever 21, and vintage. 

On Lincoln: Shorts and shirt are from Carter, and everything (including shoes) is thrifted

I had to add some gratuitous Lincoln smiles for you.


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