what I wore to church

wardrobe remix - May 17th, going to churchSunglasses: Wet Seal
Shirt: absconded from sister-in-law (It says "Midnight Rambler." Isn't that great?)
Belt: ribbon from fabric store
Skirt: vintage
Shoes: Discount Shoe Warehouse
Reading: "Mary Anne" by Daphne du Maurier


Porkchop said…
i wish i could wear such cuteness to work. alas. i cannot.

but you would be very proud. i bought three tank tops which will be perfect for laying. granted, two of them are black, but one of them is color!

baby steps. baby steps.
That's a cute outfit!
joy said…
Dude, I love the outfit, you look skinny, too!

Although, I must say, those sunglasses are soooo last-year-teenie-bopper.

Anyone else agree with me?
vdoprincess said…
P - Ah, well. Cuteness at work is overrated, right? We'll tell ourselves that.

CS - Thanks!

J - Why do you think i posted that particular picture--I was shocked at how skinny I look. (Trust me, I'm not.) And the sunglasses are not so-last-year. White sunglasses are very this year.

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