what I wore to church on Sunday

Sunday, may 21 Confession: while sitting in church listening to the teaching, I occaisionally made note of outfits I want to try to wear, just so I wouldn't forget them. Does that made me officially a bad person?
Dress: vintage slip
purple tank: gap
belt/shoes: ann taylor
leather jacket: thrifted
pearls: the same ones I wear all the time
expression: exceptionally tired and goofy, because it was late.


joy said…
I really, really like the way you edit your outfit photos. I clicked through to flickr and squealed. My fav edit is the one with the flowered jacket, I just love how you did that.

My fav outfit? Not sure, I like them all. But I am impressed with how you rocked those sleeve-y things. ;)
vdoprincess said…
Thanks, Jo. I'm having way too much fun owning my own digital camera! Also enjoying the editing process.
As to the clothes...I'm trying to avoid getting stuck in a rut, so knowing that I will be posting a picture of what I wore is a GOOD motivator to do something different and push myself.
Happy fact: one of the girls at church, loving the fact that I wear so much vintage, is getting her grandma to send her a bunch of the grandma's old vintage clothes so she'll have some. Fun, huh?

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