every day is a good day for a picnic

Today the rest of the household went to the beach, but since I had to work, that was out for me. When I got home I had every intention of doing album design for a few hours, but instead I found myself putting together a picnic dinner and moving the table into the backyard for a delightful meal. We had brats, chips, homemade salsa, pasta salad, deviled eggs, and lemonade. And then we made root beer floats for dessert. It was pretty much the perfect way to spend a Saturday evening, I think.

There was much playing with the animals; we had a new little friend over who had never gotten to meet our critter collection before. Gatsby the chicken is getting quite large! (And trying to crow.) 


{lauryl} said…
lovely! we drank an entire bottle of wine on the patio this evening over dinner (beneath our twinkle lights)... {lovah} has set off on foot for 7-11 to procure a second bottle of wine because it is only 10:22 and the evening is yet very young. wish we could conjoin our outdoor merriment!
Anonymous said…
I just found your blog. Pretty picnic photos! and p.s Rugged Wearhouse has J. Crew shoes for $19.99 again.


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