we'll call it weekend wonderfulness

Hullo darlings (all three of you that I have left)! I'm so sorry for the lack of wednesday wonderfulness this week; we've been having internet issues having to do with limited bandwidth, more people than usual in the house, and summertime storms, and I just hadn't had time to be online, so there were no goodies to share. Although things are now resolved, I still don't have much, but here you are. 
In other news, this is my last weekend with the kids in town, so we are making it COUNT. Family birthday party tonight (carrot cake!), a photoshoot in DC tomorrow night (vintage dresses!), and one last beach trip on Sunday afternoon (beach!). It's going to be crazy and awesome and exhausting, and that's the way we like it. Enjoy the summer awesome, yo. 


kates~* said…
i'm still a faithful reader, even though i don't always comment. you're inspiring to me, so, to risk sounding like a highschool yearbook, DON'T EVER STOP!


great links, as always, and love your prego shoot... i favorited my faves.

have fun in DC. cannot wait to see those pics!


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