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So I listen to several different podcasts; this is the only thing that makes housework remotely bearable. Load up several episodes and suddenly dishwashing isn't nearly so dull. So I'll share my favorites; tell me yours? 
The Moth. I love this one; it's people telling their own stories. Simply brilliant. 
CraftLit. I've suggested this before, and I'll continue to flog it, because it's so lovely. Heather is an English teacher with a lovely voice, so listening to her discuss the cultural background of classics is simply brilliant. 
The Splendid Table. Warning: this will make you hungry. 
Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo's Film Reviews. Dry english humor plus film reviews, what's not to love! And SOMETIMES Stephen Fry appears. I'm in lurrrrve. 
The Restaurant Guys. Two guys from New Jersey who own a restaurant and talk about food-service issues. Love it. 
Filmspotting. More serious film-y stuff that can make you sound all educated. Or they'll get you watching more good films. 
There's my list. What are your suggestions? 


Bekah said…
NPR's This American Life. :)
Johanna said…
I've loved The Splendid Table for years, but had forgotten it's wonderdulness - thanks for reminding me about it! I'll have to download the podcasts. :-)
Anonymous said…
ooh, the age of persuasion for me, thanks.

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