my life list

If you know me in person you've probably already had to do this. Right now, name five things that you want to do before you die. And "have a good job" can't be one of them. They can be silly, serious. unrealistic, simple, deep, whatever. They just have to be five things. I don't know what started me on this, but I have, and I've been dismayed by the number of people who think of two things and then come to a screeching halt. Two things???? Only two things? THAT'S ALL YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE? 
So call this a bucket list, a life list, whatever. The point is to dream, dream wildly, and be unashamed. 

Life List:
- skydive
- hang glide
- scuba
- visit every continent
- have a photo published in a nationally distributed magazine (done! JPG magazine. Which has since gone out of print. Ah, well.)
- own a triumph tr6
- eat birdsnest soup
- love my laugh
- skinny dip (done!)
- go streaking
- learn to salsa
- learn to play the drums
- write and record a song
- camp in the grand canyon
- drive on the autobahn
- drive a ferrari
- own a vintage boutique
- eat at the French Laundry
- eat at Momofuku (done! It was delicious.)
- jump off a bridge
- own a pair of louboutins
- attend Fashion Week
- attend an olympic event
- visit every state
- ride the eurorail
- learn to do a handstand
- learn to throw a football
- adopt internationally
- drive coast to coast
- write a book
- sing karaoke (done! 9/26/09)
- own an english bulldog
- learn to speak italian
- visit southern italy and eat for a week
- visit new orleans and eat for a week
- learn to surf
- solve a rubiks cube
- get a tattoo (done!)
- ride an elephant
- attend the opera
- sing the national anthem at a sporting event
- eat mouse (done!)
- pet a wombat
- own a motorcycle (done! Well, my husband does.)
- get a piercing (done!)
- go blond again
- see u2 in concert
- sleep in a castle
- learn to paint
- learn to surf
- have a flat stomach
- be part of a revolution
- wear size six jeans (done! Right before I got pregnant.)
- learn to play poker
- start an internet meme
- challenge someone to be a better person
- watch a sunrise over the pacific
- pull an all-nighter in New York City
- visit every continent (three down! four to go!)
- read every book I own
- knit a sweater (done!)
- make a quilt (done!)
- have decent enough legs to wear daisy dukes in public. (I know, right???)
- see the northern lights
- memorize a shakespearean play
- eat snails (done!)
- own an original piece of art
- use a potters wheel

I'm still adding to mine. Dream, people. Just dream.


oker said…
I bet your daisy duke legs are just as decent as hers:
Toiling Ant said…
Holler when you make it down here to New Orleans. :-)
fleur_delicious said…
interesting. I'd never really traveled internationally until this June (Mexico SORTA counts, but not so much when you're living in Southern California). A prof helped get me some funding so I could attend a conference in the Czech Republic.

There are still lots of things I want to do, places to see, etc. etc. (And talk about dreaming big: I'm basically trying to shoot the moon career-wise.) I always have that, and I'm always busy with lists and dreaming up new goals. But at the same time, after I came back, I realized, "I would be satisfied if I had to die now."

And it's true. While I'd still like to see the Northern Lights and fireflies, own the Irish Wolfhound I've been hankering after for 12 years (I'll get a brindle and name him Bailey - see how ready I am?), get that dream job, have a show of my paintings and see Skellig Michael, if I had to die now, I wouldn't feel ripped off. And I'm okay with that.
Faith said…
U2 is coming to Charlottesville VA in November sometime. My sisters are going.

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