wednesday wonderfulness

Wow, this week has rolled around quickly. We have family in town this week, so I took yesterday off working to hang out at the beach, and currently the back of me is burnt to a crisp. Well, mostly the backs of my legs. Anyway, here's a quick look at what I love this week. 
  • a beautifully written look at the memories that get tied into our clothes. (Am I the only one who can tell you exactly what was worn at significant moments in life?)
  • language of the fan! My wedding this weekend involved fans, and the bridesmaids had great fun posing with them. I wish I could have shared this helpful info! All I can say is: pity the poor dyslexic who tries to decipher things. 
  • an amazing spread on Michael Jackson's influence on fashion. I'm kind of digging the androgynous look right now, but I'm not quite thin enough to pull if off. So I'll revel in these spreads instead. 
  • also via nubby: an incredible blog. I lovelovelove her images. So lovely. 
  • ohmygoodness: best. flower tutorial. ever. I now know what I'm making everyone for Christmas! (via elegant musings) 
  • and because my life is not complete now without an inspiring zooey image (yes, I'm trying to steal her look), you must watch this video. I WANT HER DRESS! (also: amazing light)
  • In other news, we're currently completely massively obsessed with 3oh!3 over here (I know, I have crap taste in music) and it really is fabulous workout/running music.  


kates~* said…
no, i remember what i wore to nearly every event in my life. i remember what i wore when i met people, too, and what they wore. so, we're in this together!

loooooove zooey. just, love her. i have magazine clippings of her from years past; i would cut them out and think "why is she not making more movies?". that video is awesome!

Christy said…
awww....I feel honored to be mentioned on your blog :) *warm fuzzies*
*tiffany* said…
I'm in love with Zooey, too. I want her look. And I'm buying her cd. I want to be her, actually.
RED said…
It's me, your friend/cousin, Rachel. Did you get to see 500 Days of Summer? Dave and I went to $5 movie night on Monday and it was fabulous! I love that girl.

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