Sorry for the long absense! We're currently without internet, so blogging is just not happening. I'll be back as soon as I can.


If you know me at all, you know I love shoes. The higher and more impractical they are, the more I like them. I always wanted to be six feet tall, and I stopped growing about 4 inches too soon. So I make up for it with my footwear. People who only know me outside of work are genuinely surprised when they see me barefoot and realize they're actually taller than I.
It's true about women and shoes, you know. No matter how sad, or grumpy, or angry, or overweight, or stressed I am, shoes make it better. They always fit, and they always look perfect.


Rebekah said…
:-( my shoes don´t always fit. but I still love them. :-)
My feet grew a whole size with the babies, so I have a collection of shoes that no longer fit. But I still consider them my dear, dear friends.

Leigh vs. Laundry sent me this way. Love your blog.

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