a belated birthday trip

We were supposed to go to NYC for megs' birthday back in April, but she was kind of busy passing 23 credits of classes. So we rescheduled, and inadvertently planned it for Memorial Day weekend. For the most part that worked really well; we were able to hang out with two our of former coworkers since it was a holiday. They only downside was the shortage of really good deals on hotels. Our hotel was a little scary, but it was right off 5th avenue, and that makes up for a LOT.

Yes, I'm a bed jumper. This was an attempt at my project 52 photo, but it was just too dark. I should have brought more flashes! I still like it, though.

grand central
Grand Central...Terminal, I think. This is about a two-second exposure. We were there at night; I wish I had time to go back during the day.

bryany park
Bryant Park. Another two-second exposure, and that's my friend Kwon sitting VERY VERY still. I'm loving night photography lately.
newyork012 newyork013
newyork014 newyork015
This art installation featured a series of amazingly mustachioed men and an empty frame so we could all have handlebar mustaches.

This was at Highline Park (I think) near sunset. The light was just so perfect and lovely, I made them all smile for me.

Quick lesson on the importance of context in photos. I love this little critter.

Since it was Memorial Day, and the usual international flags were replaced with American ones. We were there just as they started taking them down and ceremonially folding them.
newyork028 newyork029
Tuesday morning: a visit to the museum of sex. Super-interesting, actually. Very clinical, very imformative. I learned about monkeys who have turquoise blue balls. Turquoise, I say!
My megan!
newyork031 newyork033
newyork034 newyork035
Cupcakes from crumbs. I had the caramel apple last time and loved it; this time Megs tried it and was equally enthusiastic. I tried the Butterfinger one and was underwhelmed. And that slightly blurry photo? That's the best cupcake eating face ever!

newyork037 newyork039
On the left: that's my cool new keychain from the museum of sex. On the right: I have no idea what or why that face is. I think he looks sort of like a pug.
newyork040 newyork041
Shake Shack! Megs had never been, so there you go.
I love her braid. Lovely, no?
Megs found a really good deal on tickets to Mary Poppins, so we went to a showing of it Tuesday night. I loved it! Way closer to the books than the movie was, and just ever so fun. For the finale she floats out and over the audience. Fantastic!

That late showing did, however, put us on the 11:52 train out of the city, which put us into Princeton at about 1, which SHOULD have had us home by 5. But thanks to an evil GPS that bypassed rt 1, we ended up driving through Baltimore and getting home at 6:30. AM. Was not good thing. But alls well that ends well, right?
Oh, and did you know there are vending machines for Reese's Cups? I mean, I knew there were, but not like this! AWESOMESAUCE.
Finally, this is our attempt at a self-portrait at a rest stop at two in the morning. Not a huge success, but good times.


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