self-portrait project

project 52, week 33

project 52, week 33
Fact: I do not often go on vacation. Further fact: when I do, I am the MOST BORING PERSON IN THE WORLD. My idea of a good time is peace, quiet, and a giant stack of books.
So this week I'm with my husband in Key West, (sort of) celebrating our fifth anniversary. In fact, we're vacationing together for the first time in 4 years. It's lovely. Even more lovely? I managed to get caught up on work before we left. And that would be, according to my husband, the first time in two years, maybe? I mean, I have work to do when I return, but I'm not dodging emails at the moment. Or feeling guilty. I have one album to design, a couple of edits to apply, and...that's all.
Um, wow. I don't even know what to say. Except that it's worth the lack of sleep in the previous weeks.


Steve Finnell said…
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fleur_delicious said…
nice! go you! I am boring in a different way - when I am on vacation, I walk. A lot. Endlessly. Until I'm dropping from exhaustion. Then, I nap. Then I walk some more. Husband estimates I had him walking about 20 miles a day in Prague this summer.

The downside is that I actually do want to shop and find nice things to bring home to my friends, but I can never manage to stop walking long enough to do that, and I always feel so bad.

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