best of 2010

I've been terribly irregular about blogging, I know. I feel awful. But I don't want to forget some of the best bits of this year, so here, in no particular order, are some of the highlights of my year.


favorite moments: visiting new york with one of my good friends, my sisters, and a fellow photographer. taking two "just for fun" trips with my husband: one to new york and one to key west. My sister got married. I spoke at Ignite Sussex. I made a silly tape where I pretended to be Flo the Insurance Lady. I rediscovered the joy of film, shot a bunch of weddings, and did a photoshoot that I personally think is some of my best work ever. I had a fashion editorial published in an online magazine. I led a photo workshop and watched a bunch of people get excited about photography. I did my first boudoir shoot. We got a dog. I got another tattoo. I took self-portraits every week for...a long while. I read more than 50 book, I heard She & Him in concert.



Wow. Just typing that was good for my soul. I had forgotten some of it, and felt the year was kind of a waste. Now...I can't wait for 2011!


Anonymous said…
Your "best photoshoot ever" link doesn't work. Flickr says the set is private.
VDOprincess said…
Thanks, Anon! Fixed it.

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