goals for 2011

And yet again I'm sharing my goals with you guys, just because it seems like I get more done that way. Seriously: I would lose these if I wrote them in my journal, but since I have them publicly posted, somehow it keeps them at the forefront of my mind. Anyway, without further ado, here's the list: the good, the bad, the serious, and the silly.
  • do four band photoshoots. Yeah....about that. Didn't even do one.
  • do four editorial/fashion shoots Um. See above.
  • shoot eight weddings
  • take a pilates class I started doing a prenatal yoga DVD. Does that count?
  • acquire my first pair of louboutins Ha. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
  • learn to play golf Ok seriously now? I went to the driving range, borrowed clubs...and found out I was pregnant. Which killed my motivation.
  • do project 365 doing it here.
  • join the chamber of commerce? (get better at networking, for sure)
  • move into a bigger place Nope.
  • blog here at least twice a week Nope.
  • blog professionally at least once a week Nope.
  • develop and maintain some sort of schedule I have one! It's called getting up at 4:00 five days a week. WOOOOO!
  • take a class on lighting
  • walk a 3day for the cure Nope. Didn't have time to complete the fundraising.
  • lead a local help-portrait event Well...I started to. And had to drop out because of the combination of being pregnant/working 60+ hours a week.
  • find a way to volunteer regularly
  • sort and winnow my fabric and yarn collections In process! 01/30
  • cook dinner at least once a week
  • eliminate fast food from my life So far this year I've not had any...and I'm unintentionally losing weight. YES. 01/30
  • read at least 50 books
  • read War and Peace
  • final put together the marketing piece I've been planning for 2 years
  • get 0 tattoos!
  • take off one day a week Oh those silly goals of mine.


Anonymous said…
You do realize we are entering 2011, right?

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