to do

Going to be in New York City with le husband for two and a half days next weekend! It's an early celebration of our anniversary/visit to PhotoPlus. (I go every year, and this year I'm dragging him along.) The last time we went to the city together it was March, so it was kind of chilly, but late October is one of my favorite times to visit: cool enough to be comfy, but still warm enough to walk a LOT. Anyway, I'm excited about sharing some of my new favorite places that I've gathered since our last visit together. So far my list includes:
There's also a new indian place to check out, and I want to find a fantastic little bakery not too far from our hotel (we're staying in SoHo). Mainly I plan to enjoy this little trip of just us together before I get too big and uncomfortable to travel easily. Anything that you think we should do/see/eat together?


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