what I wore, the baby bump chronicles

You can't tell from this outfit, but I really have a visible bump at this point. in fact, the sprout is having a growth spurt and so my abdominal muscles have be stretching and hurting like the dickens! I have totally become one of those women who rubs her tummy--it makes it feel better, k?
So I've referenced life getting crazy a few times: I've started another job. For 20 hours a week I'm doing layout and design for the local newspaper. (Yes, this is in addition to 30 hours a week at Starbucks and doing photography. But no worries! Wedding season is over!) This has been my first week, and so far? LOVING it. I'm kind of a massive fan of mucking about in Quark. Anyway, all that to explain why just as my wardrobe options are shrinking I need more cute outfits than ever before. Where before I could live with about two pairs of work pants, now I'm needing business casual stuff every day. (Well, 4 days a week.) Sisters to the rescue! They have ransacked their wardrobes for all things loose, flowy, and stretchy.
I had my first wardrobe crisis today, though. Had on a completely adorable outfit involving my stretchiest skinny jeans that I'd extended using the rubber band trick, a long tunic top, and a blazer, and after 15 minutes I was in so much pain it felt like I was making up for all the period cramps I've missed the past five months. So I switched to this look: there's nothing pulling across my tummy.
navy dress: target
yellow sweater: marshall's
boots: jcrew
Nothing I'm wearing is actually maternity. I'm taking all the advantage of that I can!

Sorry the image is so dark! It was taken at the end of a very long day.


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