wednesday wonderfulness

Oh dear. This poor blog. Ok then.
  • totally ogling this portfolio.
  • posting this because she references rape culture and I thought it was an interesting commentary considering the conversation we had about it a few weeks back.
  • Two from the Rumpus: the heroic lie and unsolicited writing advice.
  • So I've finally decided that people who don't use shampoo are ALSO people who don't use styling product. And while I respect that decision? Sweeties: my hair, it needs the product. But despite all that: if you're interested, here's how to do it.
  • Just...YUM. (Also, there are recipies.)
  • this is fantastic. I got it from my sister. Read it, please.
  • gorge.
  • intriguing.
  • lovely poem.
  • fairly snarky post from a barista...and the response. I think both sides need some adjustment, personally. But I tend to side with the customer, mostly. (Except for the part about hating my job. I love my job, otherwise I wouldn't do it. But I hate it when people treat me as less-than-human.)
Thoughts, dear ones? Lots of reading this week, less eye candy. You can see what I've been doing.



Some newer, some older...I'm loving this stuff right now.

And in a shocking development, it would appear I've started listening to women vocalists. What???


wednesday wonderfulness

Ok, that's all for now, lovelies. Peace out.


three, no, four awesome things that happened today

That I had to share.
1. My boss was throwing an empty milk jug backwards over his shoulder toward the trash can, and it hit me square in the head. No, I wasn't hurt. Instead, I laughed very very hard.
2. Today I met an adorable child named Cooper with GIANT DIMPLES.
3. I also met someone whose favorite animal is the manatee.
4. My brother in law is taking me to a driving range on Saturday and I can attempt this golf thing. WHAT??? Awesomesauce, I say.

That is all. Carry on.

self-portrait project, the final installment

project 52, week 50
project 52, the final installment

Yes, I know I'm short by two images. But the goal was always to end this on or around my 30th birthday, and if I've learned anything this year, it's that I'm an inherently boring subject. I've written a LOT of words, I've taken a bunch of photos, and I feel rather narcissistic and ready to be done with this. At this point, anyway, I've explored all I want to with myself as a subject. To recap: you can see all of the images here, but all of them with blogging are here. Personal favorites are probably this one, this one, and this one. When it comes to the essays, I like this, this, and this one.
I guess I'm actually going to have to generate content for this old blog-thing now.


self portrait project, almost complete

project 52, week 49
Yeah, so, I'm a few weeks behind. But I'm ok with that, I think. (debating wether to continue it past my birthday or just finish with week 50 tomorrow.)
project 52, week 49

So. If you know me in person at all, you know that I'm pretty much the worlds most un-athletic person. I. Hate. Exercise. Hate everything about it: the clothing, the sweating, the fact that my face turns BRIGHT RED. It doesn't help that I'm also a natural born klutz, and four years of ballet lessons left me able to...walk. Without tripping.
I also have a extremely bizarre obsession with NOT BEING SEEN TO SWEAT. I've never been to a gym because I'm freaked out about having anyone SEE what a wimp I am. I absolutely hate the way I look when I run: all jiggly and huffy and slow, so when I used to go running near my house, I'd wait until after dark so the neighbors couldn't see. (For some reason my friends were concerned about the idea of me running after dark on rural roads. I was only worried about rabid raccoons.)
So I'm as shocked as you are to realize that, this time around? I'm actually enjoying running. I'm still huffing and puffing, but I'm actually looking forward to my daily run, and I find myself running five days a week.
I think I reached a turning point last week. First of all, I took my running gear when I went out of town with friends for the weekend so I wouldn't have to miss a run. Then I pulled on my sneakers before almost everyone else woke up, and found myself running down a street, in broad daylight, not caring if people thought I had bad form or saw me sweat.
Maybe, finally, I'm growing up.


wednesday wonderfulness

Hi lovelies! Sorry posting has been so sporadic lately; even the self-portrait project is waning. I have a birthday this weekend (woohoo!) and time with le sisters, and hopefully something will start happening around here again. In the meantime, enjoy some interestingness.
Ok lovelies, that's all for now.


dreaming within reason

Something about springtime sends my usual shoe obsession spiraling out of control. So this year, I gave up buying shoes for lent. And now I'm asking myself why: I mean, my birthday lands in the middle? This can't keep me from online dreaming, though! There aren't any Loubs on this list, though: these are all a little more reasonable. Click on the image to go through to the websites for more information.


wednesday wonderfulness

sorry this went up so late! I don't have tons this week, but there is plenty of reading.
And with that I'm going to leave you...I need to go running!


the holy grail, I think

It's proof of how obsessed I am with Smitten Kitchen right now that when I type "s" into the address bar, that's the site that pops up first. But with good reason, right? Need a yummy recipe? Go there. THEY ALL ARE.
So last week I tried the Big Crumb Coffee cake, and may I just say? After dozens of different recipe attempts, it's PERFECT. I didn't have rhubarb, didn't feel like finding rhubarb, so instead I used that frozen mixed berry stuff at the grocery store and...it's awesome. Go. Make a pan. Eat it for dinner. You'll be glad you did.