the holy grail, I think

It's proof of how obsessed I am with Smitten Kitchen right now that when I type "s" into the address bar, that's the site that pops up first. But with good reason, right? Need a yummy recipe? Go there. THEY ALL ARE.
So last week I tried the Big Crumb Coffee cake, and may I just say? After dozens of different recipe attempts, it's PERFECT. I didn't have rhubarb, didn't feel like finding rhubarb, so instead I used that frozen mixed berry stuff at the grocery store's awesome. Go. Make a pan. Eat it for dinner. You'll be glad you did.


fiberenabler said…
I'm not sure who introduced me to Smitten Kitchen. Heck, it might have even been you. All I know, is that is a place of magic and delight.

Also, your Molasses Cookie recipe is freaking amazing.

Jen - your former-barista and yarn buddy
Sarah said…
I'm pretty sure you knew the Thought Catalog article was going to get me to comment. Because I am utterly predictable.

That said, I entirely agree with the rebuttal--victim blaming by women is particularly depressing. The idea that we fill our daughters with his idea if you dress modestly you will be protected from sexual harm is a tragic reminder of how deeply engrained the Madonna/whore complex is in our culture. Like one of the other commenters said, 80% of sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone the victim knows. So, if it's the victims fault, do we just avoid people of the opposite sex entirely? (Hello, IBLP!)

What I find most discouraging about this sort of rhetoric is that it is based on the (insane) assumption that men are such uncontrollable sexual aggressors that they just can't help themselves! And frankly, I have much more faith in the male gender than that. Maybe she doesn't.
Sarah said…
Oops. That above comment was meant for the next post.

Thanks, iPhone.

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