wednesday wonderfulness

Oh dear. This poor blog. Ok then.
  • totally ogling this portfolio.
  • posting this because she references rape culture and I thought it was an interesting commentary considering the conversation we had about it a few weeks back.
  • Two from the Rumpus: the heroic lie and unsolicited writing advice.
  • So I've finally decided that people who don't use shampoo are ALSO people who don't use styling product. And while I respect that decision? Sweeties: my hair, it needs the product. But despite all that: if you're interested, here's how to do it.
  • Just...YUM. (Also, there are recipies.)
  • this is fantastic. I got it from my sister. Read it, please.
  • gorge.
  • intriguing.
  • lovely poem.
  • fairly snarky post from a barista...and the response. I think both sides need some adjustment, personally. But I tend to side with the customer, mostly. (Except for the part about hating my job. I love my job, otherwise I wouldn't do it. But I hate it when people treat me as less-than-human.)
Thoughts, dear ones? Lots of reading this week, less eye candy. You can see what I've been doing.


fleur_delicious said…
wow, that post about sex educators - I never knew they encountered this kind of attitude. WHOA. And I agree totally agree with the author.

The barista thing sounds so tense! Don't you just want to tell both sides to settle down and relax? I've never really had this problem, honestly. But I'm also a big believer in smiling, saying hello, and tipping! - never hurts to grease the wheels a little, and c'mon, if you've got 4 bucks for a coffee, you don't have another 25 -50 cents to say, "thanks?" And geez, I do think people should clean up after themselves - especially if there's a line/a crowd, because, geez, someone else might want your table and it's only considerate - of both baristas and other customers - to throw your silly cup away.
Sarah said…
Before anyone does it--I beg you and implore you if your hair is chemically treated DO NOT DO THE STUPID NO SHAMPOO THING. I tried it and it completely stripped and dried out my hair. Am exceedingly angry and bitter about this, but seriously, don't do it.
Rosanna said…
So I know this is an older post (wading thru my g-reader) but I had to comment on the barista thoughts:

I honestly never *expect* people to tip baristas for making coffee. They're not doing any "extra" service, like a waitress would, they're just making the order like a fast-food worker does.

And you know, I worked my way through college at Starbucks, so I'm always, always sympathetic toward baristas.

But I just don't get the entitlement to tips that I hear from some baristas. The way I saw it was that tips were a superfluous generosity that we got to benefit from. A nice little perk that I never, ever counted on. I did, however, count on my paycheck, which was definitely adequate for the work I did.

Bottom line is that I think it's lame for baristas to be grouchy if I want to keep my quarters.

So. :)

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