shoes to change the world

A few weeks ago, a friend blogged about her purchase of TOMS shoes, posting lovely photos and a challenge to do what we can to use our spending dollars to support the less fortunate. I'd heard about TOMS before, of course, and I love their mission. But the problem is...I'd never wear the shoes. So imagine my delight when I discovered Sseko sandals today. They have a different mission: to empower and educate women in Uganda. But in addition? The sandals are really, really adorable. And something I would totally wear. I think I need to pick up a pair...or two.

(All images property of sseko.)


wednesday wonderfulness, I feel guilty for even posting this

Just because I'm ridiculously behind right now so I don't want to admit to the fact that I'm doing anything other than working my butt off. Anyway.
And that's all I have time for.


ways to waste time on a Monday

I don't even know how I got started poking around on Issuu this time, but it will suck you in and not let you go. So consider yourself warned. But if you still want something to stare at seriously while pretending to work, here you go.
  • where is the cool? This one is aimed toward men, but I love the layout and much of the content. And that yacht on page 86? OH GOODNESS.
  • Delish Magazine. More of a women's interest/lifestyle publication, with lots of pretty pictures and fun recipes. I love the aesthetic.
  • Gatherings Magazine reminds me of Mary Engelbriet's magazine, if you've ever read that. Plenty of color, more delicious-sounding recipes.
  • papercut mag. Some of the fashion spreads on this are amazing. I particularly love the one called "Color Theory."
  • Giving Life. This one is just for the "huh?" factor; as best I can tell it's a pakistani magazine for expecting parents? Sort of? I'm not sure, but it's intriguing to read something aimed at those who's frame of reference is completely different from mine.


friday wrap up

I know I've been non-existent this week, and I'm sad about this. There just hasn't been time to spend at the computer. Consequently, I'm falling behind on my real work, which means that when I DO have time to spare, it's not used on surfing/blogging/fun times.
Ok, so here are some snippets that I've picked up in my spare time.
And that's all for now. No wedding this weekend! Plenty of editing (and an engagement shoot) instead!



Ran across a shop on etsy called k.slademade and I'm madly in love. Chic, simple, classic totes and clutches, at what strike me as very reasonable prices. As always, click on the images for more info!


wednesday wonderfulness, just in under the wire

I haven't spent much time on the computer this week; way too much work. And photoshoots. You know, I'm ok with that! Anyway, here's what I've been loving on the internets this week.
And that's it for now, lovelies.



The video itself is a bit cheesy, but I love the melody line and the violin bits.


wednesday wonderfulness

Wow. Short list this week. What with the holiday weekend and all, I just haven't had time to putter around on the internets.
I know. But I need sleep! Night, lovelies.


snapshots from a reunion

This weekend was our family reunion. The big one. When other people talk about their family reunions, they mention thirty or forty people. Sometimes maybe sixty. For my family, my dad's side? 150. And it was a low year.
See, my grandfather is one of ten kids, each of who had at least three children, and most of them more than that. If you do the math, you realize that is some swift multiplication.
Anyway, I've spent the last six months or so helping to plan this event (I was dragooned onto the committee), and proceeded to spend most of Saturday finishing up the family directory. Which, of course, has at least 27 errors in it that were only noticed after printing. But once I finished that, I pulled out my camera and tried to take a few photos.

There was homemade ice cream.
There were puppies and small children on trikes.
There were adorably fat babies.
And there was a sunday morning service.

We've been attending these reunions since I was barely old enough to walk, and it seems like yesterday that I was the one in the playhouse and on the swing. Now it's my turn, and so I'm trying to capture the memories, for soon? Soon I will be old.