snapshots from a reunion

This weekend was our family reunion. The big one. When other people talk about their family reunions, they mention thirty or forty people. Sometimes maybe sixty. For my family, my dad's side? 150. And it was a low year.
See, my grandfather is one of ten kids, each of who had at least three children, and most of them more than that. If you do the math, you realize that is some swift multiplication.
Anyway, I've spent the last six months or so helping to plan this event (I was dragooned onto the committee), and proceeded to spend most of Saturday finishing up the family directory. Which, of course, has at least 27 errors in it that were only noticed after printing. But once I finished that, I pulled out my camera and tried to take a few photos.

There was homemade ice cream.
There were puppies and small children on trikes.
There were adorably fat babies.
And there was a sunday morning service.

We've been attending these reunions since I was barely old enough to walk, and it seems like yesterday that I was the one in the playhouse and on the swing. Now it's my turn, and so I'm trying to capture the memories, for soon? Soon I will be old.


Rosanna said…
So awesome. Did you make the ice cream? ;)

My maternal grandma is one of 11 kids, and each of them had at least 4 of their own, so when we get together with the Sirianni family, it's a BIG event... with plenty of homemade Italian food from recipes handed down from "Mama" who grew up in the "Old World" haha, gotta love big families!

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