ways to waste time on a Monday

I don't even know how I got started poking around on Issuu this time, but it will suck you in and not let you go. So consider yourself warned. But if you still want something to stare at seriously while pretending to work, here you go.
  • where is the cool? This one is aimed toward men, but I love the layout and much of the content. And that yacht on page 86? OH GOODNESS.
  • Delish Magazine. More of a women's interest/lifestyle publication, with lots of pretty pictures and fun recipes. I love the aesthetic.
  • Gatherings Magazine reminds me of Mary Engelbriet's magazine, if you've ever read that. Plenty of color, more delicious-sounding recipes.
  • papercut mag. Some of the fashion spreads on this are amazing. I particularly love the one called "Color Theory."
  • Giving Life. This one is just for the "huh?" factor; as best I can tell it's a pakistani magazine for expecting parents? Sort of? I'm not sure, but it's intriguing to read something aimed at those who's frame of reference is completely different from mine.


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