patterns I reallyreally want to sew before this fall

A Roland Mouret knockoff. Maybe in a grey or red wool?
A trenchcoat, most decidedly. My pink one is dying, replacing that would be good. Maybe another in bright yellow or green? Or even navy lined with a color? It wouldn't have to be waterproof; water-resistant would do the trick.
this superlovely lined coat as the top of a suit with a matching fishtailed skirt. Make them in a herringbone or tiny houndstooth wool, maybe brown and cream? Black would be practical and very usable, though.
A shirtdress as seen at hook and needles. Isn't that white eyelet lovely? She's very inspiring.
This Diane won Furstenburg wrap dress is lovely, and I've been wanting one. But I'm not entirely sure how much I would wear it; I'm quite self-concious of the drape and cling of knits. Nope, don't think I'll be doing this one.
Oooooooh. Pretty. Perfect for that vintage floral yardage I got off Ebay.


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