in honor of her day of birth

my mother and I They say that if you want to know how the girl will turn out, then look at her mum. Well, I can only hope that when I'm 62, I'll be as cool as she is.
Mum is an inch taller than I, weighs less than I do, and is a smaller size. And she's got the whole "she's 37 years old and has had 5 kids" disadvantage, but still manages to come out ahead.
Any personal style I have was learned from my mom. She let me play dress-up in her knee-high suede boots, taught me how to tell which ones were good quality garments, and let me dress like Laura Ingalls or Heidi when I went to church. She taught me how to cook and gave me a taste for weird foods, so now I'll eat pretty much anything at least once.
Happy birthday, mum.


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