three ways to wear a yellow dress

I'm still obsessed with yellow, and wish I could afford this dress. But since I can't, I'll play dress up in my head.

tough girl sweet
tough girl sweet - by vintagechica on
This girl reads french novels, drinks too much red wine, and rides a motorcycle in her stilettos. She loves pasta, grows herbs in a pot on her windowsill, and spends her evenings drinking strong coffee and debating with her friends. 

the classic girl
the classic girl - by vintagechica on
This girl dreams of being a museum curator and knows how to ballroom dance. Her secret passion is sour patch kids, and her perfume is Chanel Mademoiselle. Her favorite book is Jane Eyre. 

art girl
art girl - by vintagechica on
This girl majors in art and shops at vintage stores. Her currently project is knitting a giant sweater for the tree outside her dorm window. She's trying to give up smoking, so instead she sucks on lollipops, and they're the only thing in her outfit that matches anything else. 

So then I guess the question is: which one is me? Well, bits of all three, I suppose.


ambika said…
That 1st one is to die for. Love all of those gray accessories.
chorkpop said…
Ahaha. That is precisely what I was thinking while reading "these are all three bits of her". Love, love, love the firstam

New project:: find a piece and dress it for all of the sisters.

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