what to wear for sushi and a movie

Don't worry, I have a stack of reviews for you this weekend. For now, though, I'm trying to catch up on all my Oscar-nominated films before the show. But last night we finally caught Frost/Nixon, and I wore my plaid shirt how I've been planning to all along: as a contrast with a very girly skirt. I liked the result; le husband claimed I looked like an extra for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Someone else said it was more of a Beverly Hillbillies effect. I don't care; I liked it.
kiss the cat
shirt: thrifted
skirt: vintage
shoes: jcrew
belt: target
headband/earrings: target

A slightly better view, although I lack in chinnage.

With my coat on. (Vintage, of course.) Yes, I'm standing on my baking station hugging a deer head. As to why there's a deer head above my baking station, well, there's really no explanation for that, except that I think it's funny.


Frida said…
I like your outfit too, and your deer!
chorkpop said…
I think with the collar flipped up and a cluster of sparkly pins on the shoulder would be perfection. But I DO love this look. (And, it could just be I think everything needs some sparkly pinage.)
Christy said…
I love it - so adorably cute on you :)
Deanna said…
And I thought I was the only girl who decorated with antlers.
ambika said…
I absolutely adore this look. & the cat looks very much how mine does when I try to kiss it!

(and adore the coat, too)
Love love love this look! And the skirt is just high-drama perfection.
Ashe Mischief said…
Oh my! This outfit is FANTASTIC!

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