linkage loveliness!

Yes, normally these would be compiled or expanded on, but since I haven't time, and I've a HUGE pile, I'll just throw them all up and see what sticks. Lots of tutorials this time. 
And if you made it through all that, congrats! I'm going to go pick strawberries and make jam with them today. Woo! (And then I'm going to put in another bazillion hours on the photo editing front.) 


Molly said…
Good stuff! I'm very excited to try the toddler crayons!
fashiongirl said…
i know! I might make some for my niece and nephew.The kid in that picture is sooo cute!
fashiongirl said…
Ohhh wow, Julia Roitfelds house is so cute, and so tidy! How does she do that? My spring cleaning lasts pretty much all year, and my house is still messy!

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