um, wow?

Nope, that's not vintage. It's Cath Kidston. Who knew? So, so lovely.


In an unprecedented moment, my desktop is clean and neat. I have no idea why, but people's computer workstyles fascinate me. Since I've already shared my workspace, now I'll share the desktop. If you click over to flickr, I've posted notes. Now show a picture of yours! 

my current desktop

In other news, this is the weekend for the fabulous shoot inspired by Bunny Suicides. I'm excited, overwhelmed, and nervous all at once. Should be amazing!


please buy so I won't

Some adorable sale items going on over at gap.com.

Yellow patent clutch; $15.99
Good birthday present, maybe? 

Bow one-piece swimsuit, $29.99
Retro glamour! 

Ruffle bow blouse, $17.99 (the pink version)
super-cute under a cardi, I think. 

Cable-knit preggo sweater. $9.99
No, I'm not pregnant, but how cute is this sweater? 

Ruffle tiered dress, $14.99
I fell in love with this dress when they had it before Christmas, and now I want it! 

wednesday wonderfulness, the on time version!

Wow, this whole getting up early(ish) thing means I get a TON more work done! How cool is that??? 


screencaps of inspiration

So this weekend I had the girls from my youthgroup over to watch "Penelope," which was a movie that didn't get nearly the attention it deserved when it was released. It has an amazing message about self-acceptance, which is why I watched it with them, but it also has absolutely gorgeous costumes and set design. Watch it next time you need to be inspired to create gorgeousness. (Or you want to see James McAvoy looking adorably scrubby.)

They arrange their books by color! 

Don't you love this cabinet? 

I want a hospital room this lovely. 

How fabulous is this outdoor wedding? 

And isn't this PERFECT wedding makeup? 

Anyway, these are some of my favorites. Watch the whole thing! Really!



Delicious (i hope) cupcakes for tomorrow night's party. Colors inspired by nothing in particular, except I like them. But I might tell people they're my homage to slumdog millionaire?

maybe we'll say the colors were inspired by slumdog millionaire?

tasty delicious technicolor goodness

the only downside to baking is the washing up.
remains of the day

my first attempt at an Oscar party

So I must confess: last year was the first I'd watched the Oscars from start to finish, and immediately upon the final announcement, le sisters and I decided that we needed to make a party of it. Well, it's a good thing I've already invited people, because one sister has to move tomorrow afternoon, and the other is up to her earlobes in studying. We'd be tempted to wuss out, I think. However, since I have five friends from work coming for sure, I'm committed. And I must confess to being excited. It will help me to cross off "have grown-up parties" from this year's goals. Anyway, we're giving out prizes for best and worst dressed, and are going to pass out ballots when everyone comes in so they can mark their pics. 
So here is what we're eating:
I think there are enough high-protein items that we should be good. Also most things are pretty flavorful without being crazy bad for you. Here's hoping, anyway. Don't worry: pictures will be taken! In addition, I'll be twittering throughout. I don't promise to be interesting, but I'll try. 


remember the koolaid yarn?

It's now a sweater! Better pictures coming soon, I promise. This one was taken at about midnight with my camera phone.
I might actually keep this one: I made it an extra small and a bit shorter than the pattern called for, because I wanted something simultaneously chunky and shrunken to wear over dresses and tunics. 

I woke up to this

on my desktop.

dang I love that man.


wednesday wonderfulness, the "I was sick" edition

Except not really sick. I think I've finally conceded that I have allergies, much to my dismay. I've never had them before! (Unless what I thought was a cold every year was indeed an allergic reaction.) Anyway, my voice is nearly completely gone. So it's fortunate that I'm off today; I'm trying to avoid talking. Hurts too much. Anyway, I think I've found some goodness this week. 
and I think that's it. Have an amazing day!


from fashion week: Betsey Johnson

I always love Betsey's stuff--it's so full of unabashed joy. Loving the colors, the layers, the crazy corset-thingys, the hoodies. Complete and utter contrast to Marc, but who says you can't have it all??? 

from fashion week: marc by marc

I'm loving the muted colors, layers, plaids, stripes. gorgeousness. What do you think?

teeth-achingly cute

must knit this NOW.


leftover valentine candy is yummy. and pretty.

corners of my house

I finally got cup hooks put up last week, and now you can actually see some of the vintage cups I've collected. It frees up cupboard space, too. The cafe cup sits on the windowsill and holds my rings when I was dishes. I had it back in the happy house in Ohio, and found it when I cleaned out the shed last week. It made me smile. The syringe is for the cat. It's there so I won't lose it. Anyway, both of these spots make me happy every time I look at them.