how to transform a dress

I fear that title is misleading: I've really no idea how I managed to edit this dress. Well actually I do, but I'm still slightly boggled by how perfect it looked for the shoot.

A bit of background: this weekend was my first photo workshop, and we needed a dress for the bride to wear. The couple we had posing for us is an actual couple of mine--their wedding is in June--but we didn't want to use their actual outfits. In addition, we had a very specific look we were going for, and I was kind of stumped on the dress until my mother came up with the above monstrosity. I KNOW. Slightly terrifying, right? I didn't take a picture of the back, sadly, but there were long wing-like things attached at the shoulders. HOWEVER. The redeeming factor was the skirt: floaty, chiffony, perfect. And since it was a dollar, it was worth the effort to fix it.
I started by snipping off the lace, then chopping off the sleeves, the cutting the back much lower. We then went to town making chiffon rosettes, added straps, and I turned the wing-things into a detachable train. With that, we had a dress that I loved.

More images soon, I promise!


*tiffany* said…
amazing...can you make me an awesome dollar wedding dress? :)

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