operation no more fat stomach

So I try to avoid whining about my weight on here, but really my stomach is OUT OF CONTROL. So. Starting tomorrow, no white sugar. Also, NO MORE DIET COKE. I've stocked up on protein in the form of string cheese, I've laid in salad supplies, and I'm not trying to go crazy, but I just need to get these bad habits out of my life. So. Starting up again with Couch to 5K, this time really focusing on form. (Mine is terrible, and it's why I run so slow.) I figure if I start easy I can retrain better. I'm also avoiding my diet coke addiction. I'm not cutting out all caffeine, just the diet coke, so hopefully the headaches won't be too killer. I'm not going to come back and whine on this too often, but I'm hoping that by throwing this out there you all can remind me what I'm doing, k?
Remember: goal is health. And it will not kill me to cut out white sugar for a few weeks. I'm actually really hoping it will help with my energy levels--they're been deplorable lately. I'm not sure if that's due to diet or my 5-hours-a-night sleep habit. Or both.
Ok, end of the body talk! Back to normally scheduled awesomeness!


Lora said…
IMHO, exercise + good food + good sleep = lots more energy. If you can work on all three of these, you'll see even more of a difference than just working on one or two.

Yay for C25k! You can do it :-).

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