self-portrait sunday

week 4/52

True story: I have always been a nerd. Before I took pictures, before I collected shoes, before I started every other sentence with "did you know" I read. And read. And read. Starting at five, I had my nose in a book pretty much constantly until I got my drivers license. (So when I got it I didn't know how to get ANYWHERE. Because I'd been reading the whole time.)
Best example: in second grade, the year I went to public school, we got to pick our reward if we got straight As. I begged for permission to spend the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY at the library. Reading. And I got it. And it was awesome.
I haven't changed much since then: I still firmly believe that anything I need to know can be found in a book somewhere.


*tiffany* said…
Love it!! I didn't know how to get anywhere when I started driving either lol!

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