project 52, week 13


this project is way harder than it seemed starting out, for the record.)
This picture is momentous: I shot myself in profile. To the best of my knowledge it's the first one I've allowed to be posted like that, because, you see, I'm the klutz of the family. I have more broken bones and trips to the ER than the rest of them combined. (Counting both things separately. I KNOW.) I also hate milk, used to hate all dairy products, and love caffeine. So basically I'm screwed.
And that is related to my profile how? Because I've broken my nose twice. First time I tripped over my own feet and landed face down on a tile floor, smushing my nose. We pushed it back into place and I went on my way. The second time it happened I was wrestling with my younger brother and he stood up suddenly and smashed his head into my nose. Which broke. (He also did that to my mom when he was three. He has a VERY hard head.) The best part about it was that we were having our pictures taken for our parents that night as a Christmas gift. So we put concealer over the bruising and I have a very lumpy nose in that photo. (The swelling went down in a couple of days.)
So my favorite part of this story is at the time I had shorter, layered, streaky blond hair that I kept saying made me look like Owen Wilson minus the broken nose. Three days later? Yep. Broken nose. Moral of the story: don't joke about broken bones.


Bekah said…
This is super beautiful! I love following this inspirational. Even though I am crap at self-portrait.

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