project 52, week 15

project 52, week 15

I am afraid that if you know me at all, you know my blackberry. Much to the dismay of my friends and family, it's my constant little companion, and if I get bored AT ALL I pull it out. I'm not proud of this. However, when they need something googled, who do you think they ask?
But I must confess: I'm thinking about switching to a Droid of some sort. I love the OS, and the keyboard could be a tiny bit bigger than the ones on the blackberry, which is key (since I've been without internet for a month, much of my typing of client emails has been done on the crackberry). But then again I really want an iPhone....


Sister Who Is Plotting The Death of Your Addictive Electronic Fruit said…
And here I was thinking when you were talking to me while on your crackberry, you were just being ADD. Now I know you're BORED with our conversation.


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