finally, it's friday

It's been quite a week for me. Busy, crazy, awesome, loving it. Currently I'm typing this as I look out at the non-rain brought by the non-hurricane while I smell the steaks le husband is grilling for dinner. I don't have a wedding this weekend, which means I can relax a tiny bit, and also I get to go on a boat tomorrow. I know! Woo! No details beyond that, sorry. I'm just trying to find appropriate footwear.
Sunday I have a photo shoot with a teeny tiny new baby and her sisters. I'm so excited, if a little scared. It's been a while since I shot a baby.
Also, I love the new gmail priority inbox.
Also, I'm working with my tattoo artist on designing my next tattoo. Since this will most likely be my last one from her (she's moving away!), it suddenly got bigger.
Anyway, that's my life right now. Senior photos keep rolling in, which is awesome. I'm really enjoying working with these teens to create some unforgettable images. Good times.
I leave you with this clip, below, one of my all-time favorite moments in television.


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