self-portrait sunday

project 52, week 24

project 52, week 24
I'm going to cheat this week, and use a photo I didn't take myself. (This despite the fact that I'm sitting here in fake eyelashes and therefore really should drag out the camera.)
I don't dance. Ever. Unless I'm alone in my house with the music turned up. Every time I've attempted something to that effect bad things have happened usually involving awkward photos.
On the other hand, I have THE COOLEST JOB in the world. I take pictures of people on the happiest day of their lives. And in the process, I meet some really rad brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and parents. Yesterday's wedding was insanely chill, and so when, at the end of the night, the bridesmaids pulled me onto the floor and wanted me to dance with them, well, I did. Yep, I looked like a tard. We all did. And I loved every minute.
And when in 25 years I'm hobbled from wearing too many heels, when I'm old and responsible, I hope this is what I remember: dancing with abandon, and loving my life.


Porkchop said…
Oh, cronkers. I was so hoping to see today's self portrait to see how the makeup held up in the mist.

Bekah Mae said…
LOVE that skirt, girl. I also love that you shoot in a skirt. I always get a funny look when I show up in my black pencil skirt (so much more boring than yours, but a skirt nonetheless).
VDOprincess said…
This is the first time I've shot a wedding in a skirt. It was a very liberating feeling. Normally I look like a boy, and it makes me sad. (A very HIPPY boy, but there it is.)

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