Today I had four hours in the car by myself so I got to think a lot, and I worked on some ideas and goals for next year. The thing that keeps coming back to me: "ten years from now am I going to think I've slacked? Am I going to wish I'd worked harder? Am I doing all I can?"
And then on the other hand I rolled around all the crazy dreams I have, and thought about taking the leap to make them happen, and I was scared.
I haven't decided anything yet, for the record. I'm not content, however, with maintaining the status quo. And then tonight I read this blog post, and it resonated. Particularly this bit:

On the other hand, if you know in your belly that doing all of these things will change the world (or even how the world sees you), then it is money well spent. Moreover, if all you care about is incremental change (read: incremental growth), almost by definition you will miss the forest for the trees.



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